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Vehicle Seats 2 People | Driver minimum age is 21 | Passenger minimum age is 12

Experience the Ultimate Island Adventure: Unleash the Thrills of the UTV and Jeep Combo to Discover Aruba’s Breathtaking Natural Pool!

Our journey commences as we embark on an exciting adventure in our UTVs, traversing the challenging landscapes of Aruba. Our path winds through the rugged terrain, taking us past majestic towering cacti, glimpses of wild goats. Operating our UTVs is a breeze, and to ensure our safety and enjoyment, seasoned guides will provide a comprehensive safety briefing along with fundamental driving directions before we begin our expedition. Your pathway to a memorable island escape with stops at Natural Pool, the California Lighthouse, and Baby Natural Bridge and Ruins.

Jeep Tour by De Palm Tours

Tour Stops:

  • Natural Pool: Enjoy a stunning natural oasis located along the rugged Aruban outback. It’s a crystal-clear pool of water surrounded by jagged rocks and is teeming with marine life.
  • California Lighthouse: Be ready to take breathtaking panoramic pictures of Aruba’s scenic coastline.
  • Baby Natural Bridge and Ruins: Marvel at the striking Baby Natural Bridge, a testament to the island’s incredible coastal erosion and formation.

Pass By:

  • Alto Vista Chapel: This charming little chapel is located on a hilltop overlooking the sea.

Don’t hesitate! Reserve now and discover your ultimate island adventure with a touch of thrill and style!

Note: Swimming and snorkeling at the Natural Pool is subject to sea conditions.