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Sustainability Charter

De Palm Corporation

Environmental & Social Sustainability Charter

At De Palm Corporation, we take pride in delivering a multitude of luxury transportation and entertainment services, encompassing black cars, motor coaches, island sightseeing tours, catamaran excursions, off-road adventures, submarine explorations, and our premier attraction,        De Palm Island. We acknowledge that our diverse offerings, if not managed sustainably, hold the potential for environmental and societal implications.

To mitigate these impacts, we have committed ourselves to the Earth Check Certification Program, maintaining our certification for four consecutive years.  Recognizing that sustainability is an evolving endeavor, we are committed to adapt and improve by implementing the most sustainable practices as they become available and feasible for our operations.  We are proud to be Earth Check gold certified and aspire to achieve their platinum designation.  Our Green Team, led by our Director of Sustainability and reinforced by key staff, ensures we maintain strict compliance with Earth Check standards.

We affirm our dedication to respecting all relevant laws and regulations, promoting local employment, and supporting fair-trade principles. Our commitment extends to staff education and the transparent communication of our sustainability ambitions to all stakeholders, while remaining receptive to feedback to enhance our practices.

In 2023, we established The Giving Palm, an internal foundation. This symbol of our collective commitment to sustainability, philanthropy, and community support allows us to extend assistance to various local organizations and charities aligned with our Giving Priorities:

  • Our Children: Support for programs focused on school enhancement, student success, and aid for children facing physical, cognitive disabilities or hardships.
  • Our Animals: Backing animal welfare programs including rescue, adoption, foster care, veterinary care, habitat maintenance, and spaying/neutering campaigns.
  • Our Oceans: Sponsoring initiatives to preserve our oceans, maintain coral reefs, clean beaches and waters, and protect marine life.
  • Our Culture: Promoting programs that celebrate all facets of Aruban culture, including arts, language, traditions, and customs.

Our support manifests in diverse forms, such as monetary donations, in-kind contributions, deployment of company resources, and team members’ volunteer work. While De Palm Corporation provides the primary funding, we warmly invite our customers to contribute to                 The Giving Palm during their booking process, thus joining us in our mission.

We envision De Palm Corporation as a beacon of sustainability practices within our market segment in Aruba. For any inquiries or additional information, please connect with our Director of Sustainability, Miriam Stuurman vd Plassche, at or +297(5973207).

In Sustainable Commitment,

Brian Stedeford

July 14, 2023

NOTE: This Charter is a public document and will undergo an annual review.