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Sustainability Policy

De Palm Corporation

Environmental & Social Sustainability Policy

The De Palm Group of companies comprises of a fleet of luxury motor coaches & Express Vans, offering transportation and island sightseeing tours, a luxury catamaran for day and evening sailing/snorkeling trips, Marrua off-road vehicles  and  UTV’s off-road tours, a submarine , a semi-submarine called the SeaWorld Explorer which is a moving underwater observatory, and De Palm Island, an all-inclusive attraction located six hundred meters from the mainland, with F&B facilities, water parks, snorkeling and other activities.

At De Palm we recognize the activities of our companies have potential negative impacts on the environment and community if not properly managed. We are Earth Check certified (3 years) through the EarthCheck Certification Program with the intention of continuous improvement to ultimately achieve platinum level and remain there, by operating as much as possible in a sustainable manner and particularly reducing the use of Energy, Water and the production of Waste.

Our Green Team headed up by our Sustainability Manager and assisted by key staff members ensures we are Earth Check compliant always.

De Palm will comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. Our company remains committed, first and foremost to employing island residents and ensuring local fair-trade of goods, and services locally. We are committed to educating our staff and to present our commitment to environmental and social sustainability to all key stakeholders and welcome feedback from them to further improve our own sustainability practices.

We intend to be the leader in sustainability practices in our segment of the market in Aruba.

For questions or additional information, please contact our Sustainability Manager Mrs. Astrid Winterdal, email; [email protected] or +297(522 4407).


Brian Stedeford

July 07, 2022

NOTE: this policy is a public document and will be reviewed annually.