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De Palm Island (with Bus Transportation) Prices subject to seasonal changes
Full Day Ages 18+
Full Day Ages 10 - 17 (alcohol free)
Full Day Ages 3 - 9 (0 - 2 enter free)
De Palm Island (Walk-In) Prices subject to seasonal changes
Full Day Ages 18+
Full Day Ages 10 - 17 (alcohol free)
Full Day Ages 3 - 9 (0 - 2 enter free)
Signature Experiences Optional Add On
Sea Trek Underwater Helmet Walk
SNUBA Go Beyond Snorkeling

Experience the Unforgettable Coral Island Getaway in Aruba: open bar, incredible snorkeling sites, charming flamingos, water adventures, and much more!

Experience the exceptional side of Aruba through an unforgettable adventure on De Palm Island! This distinctive coral island paradise, located just off the shores of Aruba, provides a perfect harmony of beautiful beaches, graceful flamingos, and a wide range of activities to create indelible vacation memories.

Discover the extraordinary side of Aruba with an unforgettable adventure at De Palm Island! This unique coral island oasis, nestled just off the shores of Aruba, offers the perfect blend of beautiful beaches, elegant flamingos, and a wide array of activities to make your vacation truly memorable.

De Palm Island Aruba

De Palm Island Aruba

Relax and fully immerse yourself in an all-inclusive getaway featuring:

  • Endless dining and beverages to satisfy your taste buds with a delightful array of options, showcasing the flavors of Aruba and beyond.
  • Pristine snorkeling equipment, perfect for exploring the enchanting underwater world surrounding the island, where you’ll encounter vibrant marine life and stunning coral formations.
  • A complimentary guided snorkeling tour led by experienced guides, unveiling the most mesmerizing and diverse aquatic treasures that Aruba has to offer.
  • Unrestricted relaxation on the island’s immaculate white-sand beaches, where you can soak up the warm sun, dive into a good book, or simply savor the breathtaking scenery.
  • Limitless banana boat rides, delivering non-stop excitement as you glide across Aruba’s crystal-clear waters.
  • An exhilarating kids’ water park, thoughtfully designed to keep your little ones entertained with a variety of enjoyable and engaging water attractions.
  • Heart-pounding body drop slides, adding an adrenaline-packed twist to your island adventure and ensuring smiles all around.
  • Salsa lessons led by skilled instructors.
  • View graceful flamingos (upgrade to Premium Seating or a Beach Cabana for an exclusive and intimate encounter with these graceful birds).
  • And so much more!
De Palm Island Aruba

Private Cabanas on De Palm Island Aruba

De Palm Island: Your exclusive escape in Aruba for couples, families, and groups. Bid farewell to the ordinary and dive into a world of pristine beaches, explore crystal-clear waters abundant with marine life, and craft timeless memories with loved ones in this tropical paradise. Discover the true heart of Aruba, where beauty, culture, and adventure unite effortlessly.

Flamingos at De Palm Island

Upgrade your stay to mingle with the Flamingos

*Remember we are a Coral Island. The Beach can be a little rocky.
We recommend you bring a water shoe or buy one at our gift shop.

*The safety and well-being of our flamingos is our top priority. From time to time, based on the advice of our veterinarian, the flamingos may not be available for viewing. We thank you for your understanding.