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The Giving Palm

Charitable Donation Request

The Giving Palm Aruba Environmental & Sustainability Policy

De Palm Corporation is a locally owned and operated business that has been serving Aruba for more than 60 years.

The De Palm Group of companies is comprised of a fleet of luxury motor coaches & Express Vans, offering transportation and island sightseeing tours, a luxury catamaran for day and evening sailing/snorkeling trips, Marrua off-road vehicles and UTV’s off-road tours, a submarine , a semi-submarine called the SeaWorld Explorer which is a moving underwater observatory, and De Palm Island, an all-inclusive attraction located six hundred meters from the mainland, with F&B facilities, water parks, snorkeling and other activities.  We also provide destination management services for meetings, incentives, conferences, and events.  With our fleet of vehicles, watercraft, and tour packages, we are the only full-service DMC in Aruba.

At De Palm we recognize the activities of our companies have potential negative impacts on the environment and community if not properly managed. We are EarthCheck certified (4 years) through the EarthCheck Certification Program with the intention of continuous improvement to ultimately achieve platinum level and remain there, by operating as much as possible in a sustainable manner and particularly reducing the use of Energy, Water and the production of Waste. We have about 375 Team Members who are the heart of De Palm Tours.

The Giving Palm

We strive to be a good company – we seek to cultivate meaningful awareness, drive sustainable action and be the gold standard for how tour related businesses operate on Aruba.  We acknowledge that the activities of our Company can have potential negative impacts on the environment and our community, if not properly management.  To achieve a balance between our business efforts and our environmental and community stewardship, we are proud to introduce The Giving Palm.

The Giving Palm is an internal foundation that we use to collectively refer to our sustainability efforts, charitable contributions, volunteerism, and community support.  Through The Giving Palm, we fund various organizations and charities in Aruba that align with our Giving Priorities.  This support comes in many forms, such as:

  • Cash donations
  • In-kind contributions such as transportation or complimentary products/services
  • Utilizing the resources, tools, materials and equipment from our Company
  • Volunteer work conducted by our Team Members

The Giving Palm and our efforts are primarily funded by De Palm Corporation.  We also invite our customers to partner with us on our efforts by contributing to The Giving Palm during their booking process.

Our Giving Priorities

We strive to be a good company – we seek to cultivate meaningful awareness, drive sustainable action and be the gold standard for how tour related companies operate on Aruba.  Our community giving priorities focus on:

  • Our Children – These are programs focused on the enhancement of schools, programs to help students succeed and programs dedicated to helping children with physical or cognitive disabilities and those facing hardships.
  • Our Animals – These are programs that support the well-being of animals through rescue, adoption, foster-care, veterinarian care, habitat maintenance and spaying / neutering campaigns.
  • Our Oceans – These are programs that support our oceans to maintain the coral reefs, clean our beaches and waters, and protect ocean-life.
  • Our Culture – These are programs that promote all facets of Aruban culture such as the arts, language, tradition and customs.



To be eligible to receive a donation, an organization must meet the following criteria:

  • The request must be submitted via our online webform
  • The request must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the scheduled event
  • The requestor must be an organization, group or foundation
  • The request must fit within our Four Giving Priorities as noted above


The following exclusions apply:

  • Individual requests or those benefitting a single person
  • Projects that create an environmental hazard
  • Organizations or projects that discriminate on the basis of gender, age, sexual orientation, or race
  • Requests related to religious, political or for-profit groups/organizations
  • Projects that have questionable objectives or any element of extremism
  • Other projects that we deem may not align with our Company’s values


Please submit the form below to apply!