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Adult Ages 10+
Child Ages 3-9

Explore Aruba’s Rich History and Culture on a Bus Tour

Want to learn about Aruba’s history and culture? Step onto our air-conditioned bus for a half-day guided tour and hear all the facts! During this exciting journey, you’ll delve into Aruba’s roots and rich heritage, exploring the most significant historical sites and gaining a deep understanding of the local culture.

Our friendly guides will be delighted to answer your questions and provide you with a comprehensive insight into what makes this island so special. Plus, you’ll enjoy the comfort and convenience of our bus as you immerse yourself in Aruba’s fascinating narrative. Don’t miss this opportunity to enrich your knowledge about this beautiful Caribbean destination!

a bus parked in front of a palm tree on a beach

Tour Stops:

  • The Butterfly Farm: The Butterfly Farm in Aruba is a tropical garden that houses hundreds of colorful butterflies from around the world. It’s a unique opportunity to witness these delicate creatures up close and even have them land on you.
  • Aloe Factory: Aruba is known for its aloe vera production, and the Aloe Factory offers tours to showcase the cultivation and processing of aloe. Visitors can see how aloe is grown, harvested, and turned into various skincare products.
  • California Lighthouse: The California Lighthouse is an iconic landmark offering panoramic views of Aruba’s northern coast.
  • Casibari Rock Formation: Casibari Rock Formation consists of massive granite boulders that seem to have been stacked naturally. Visitors can climb to the top for stunning vistas of the surrounding area. It’s a unique geological formation and a great place for hiking and exploring.
  • Baby Natural Bridge: The Baby Natural Bridge is a smaller version of the once-famous Natural Bridge, which collapsed in 2005. It’s a natural coral limestone bridge formed by years of wave erosion. The site offers beautiful coastal views and a glimpse of Aruba’s geological history.
  • Natural Bridge Ruins: The Natural Bridge Ruins are the remains of the larger Natural Bridge that was a popular attraction until its collapse. While the bridge itself is no longer intact, the area still offers picturesque coastal scenery.

Pass By:

  • Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins
  • Palm Beach
  • Arashi Beach
  • Local Neighborhoods