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The One Happy Island, Aruba is home to some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world. If you want a taste of the good life, Aruba should definitely be on top of your list of islands to visit with its turquoise waters, friendly people, international cuisines and it’s relaxed atmospheric vibe.

Although Aruba is known for its perfect weather and pretty beaches, it also offers a diversity of adventurous activities filled with fun and excitement for families or relaxations for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll for sure find something for you in Aruba! 

Aruba offers a variety of historic and natural sights that you must visit while on the island. Fortunately, we’ve selected the top 5 must-see spots anyone visiting the island will enjoy.

1. The Natural Pool, or as locals call it Conchi

The Natural Pool is Aruba’s most popular nature attraction. The pool is also called Conchi, which  translates as bowl in English, as its shape is similar to one. This tranquil pool is 25 feet wide and 20 feet long swimming hole formed by volcanics stones.

Swimming in the Natural Pool

Heading to the Natural Pool is an adventure in itself as it is located near the coastline. You’ll be passing through the rugged terrain of Arikok National Park filled with large rocks and dirt roads to get there. There are a few ways to get to this secluded treasure:


Driving to Conchi – This adventure is for experienced drivers and only recommend to go by a 4×4 car. The entrance to Arikok National Park is $11 per person and you will receive a map of the park and wristbands. The first part of this adventure is through paved roads, the second half is filled with volcanic rocks, dirt roads and adventures.


Hiking to Conchi – Arikok National Park has walking trails that will lead you to this natural wonder. The entrance fee is also $11 and you will receive a map or you can request a guide to take you there. Keep in mind, this hike is 5.5 km and is best to do it early in the morning to beat the heat.

Joining a tour – This is the best way to visit the Natural Pool. Experienced drivers can take you through the desert terrain to this natural pool and also tell you all about Aruba along the way. The Natural Pool Off-Road Safari will take you to this unique spot.

2. Natural Bridge

You can’t leave Aruba without visiting the Natural Bridge! This natural wonder was formed by the pounding waves and winds that have chiseled away the limestones that created this natural wonder.

This main Natural Bridge collapsed back in 2015, however the Baby Natural Bridge still remains and offers breathtaking views of the coast. 

A tip: carry some cash with you so you can buy an ice cold local beer and try the local Pastechi! 



3. Baby Beach

Baby Beach is located at the southern part of the island and is known as one of Aruba’s most gorgeous beaches. It’s half-moon shaped expanse in a calm lagoon makes it even more unique. This beach is great for families as it offers shallow waters for long distances and is the perfect location for snorkeling as you’ll find a variety of marine life right here.

an umbrella sitting on top of a sandy beach

Heading to Baby Beach is an adventure in itself as you pass by the colorful murals of Aruba’s Art District; San Nicolaas. You can stop by and take pictures at the beautiful murals for the perfect instagrammable moment!

Our Baby Beach Off-Road Safari can take you to see the hidden treasures of Aruba, including Baby Beach and San Nicolaas Street Art. 

4. Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

Did you know that Aruba used to produce more than 3 million pounds of gold? The Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins used to be one of the two gold mines in Aruba that used to process ore from mines.

First discovered in 1824, Gold used to be an important industry for Aruba up until 1916 allowing Aruba to process about 3 million pounds in total. Some say that that’s where Aruba’s name came from, which also roughly translates to “there was gold”.

Although there are only remnants of this gold mine, it’s worth a visit for all the history and pictures you’ll get to take from here.

a truck driving down a dirt road



5. Black Stone Beach

As the name says, this beach is lined with small and shimmery black eroded stones and black sand. The water erosion helps create the black stones that help name this unique location. This beach is not for swimming, rather it’s great for pictures and a stop under the hut located on the beach. You’ll enjoy the scene right here as you hear the waves pound on the black stones, see three amazing natural bridges next to each other and take amazing pictures with these one of a kind black natural rocks. 

The Black Stone Beach is not easily reachable on your own, we recommend the Andicuri UTV Off-Road Adventure to take you there. 

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