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1. SeaTrek- Underwater helmet walk

Ever wondered if breathing underwater was possible? We know you did, because we did too and YES it is possible.

a person swimming in the water

With SeaTrek underwater helmet walk, you will walk the ocean floor wearing specially designed helmets that will allow you to breathe and move underwater seamlessly. So, what’s SeaTrek? You wear a big helmet with breathing equipment and descend 10-15 feet to a cushioned seabed while following certain rules: hang onto the handrails at all times, walk and breathe, yawn to equalize pressure, and never look down. 

With SeaTrek, you’ll catch an up-close view of marine life, take unforgettable pictures and even have a chance to interact with a few sea animals.  The SeaTrek adventure is available at De Palm Island everyday!


2. Snuba 

Snuba is a cross between scuba and snorkeling, with zero dive experience needed. Snuba is one of our favorite activities at De Palm Island (or you can find it onboard the Palm Pleasure sail).

a man standing next to a body of water

You can catch a glimpse of the colorful sea life, see amazing coral formations and roam around without heavy restrictive gear.

The best part about Snuba is that the instructor will guide you and show you the best parts of the coral moonscape, and believe us when we say that you will see so many different species and multi-colored fish, there’s so much more to discover that you can’t do with just snorkeling. 

3. Jeep Safari around Aruba

We know you can get around Aruba with a car or taxi, but believe us when we tell you that the best parts of the island are hidden and only reachable by Jeeps. Not only that, guides can tell you tall tales and amazing stories about Aruba and all its glory, making the adventure of discovery around the island so much better.

De Palm Tours has loads of Jeep Safari options that can take you to the best spots on the island, click this link: and see for yourself!

4. UTV Off-Road Adventures 

There’s a certain thrill about driving around an island in your own UTV that is hard to explain, but is a must to experience.

You might wonder what’s the difference between UTV adventures and Jeep adventures? Let’s just say, Jeep adventures will get you to certain places that UTVs can’t but the excitement that you get driving a UTV while exploring amazing parts of the island is also unforgettable. a tractor parked in the dirt

With UTV adventures, you will get down and dirty in a safe way, while you go though the wild beauty of Aruba’s outback.

De Palm Tours offers an array of UTV Tours, see here: and choose your favorite adventure(s)!

5. De Palm Island – An island with fun everyone! 

One of the most unusual places to find never-ending entertainment above and below the ocean is De Palm Island, Aruba. 

De Palm Island offers something for everyone! From kids enjoying the kids waterpark to adults enjoying the sun in their Beach Cabanas. De Palm Island offers all-inclusive fun! 

Your day trip begins with a five-minute ferry ride to this island paradise. Once you’ve arrived, you will be greeted and welcomed by the team on the island that will show you all the cool amenities you find on the island. From all you can eat buffet grill to unlimited banana boat rides, it’s all included. If you want to find out what more is included, check out 

As you explore the island, you’ll see that there’s tons to do. Adults will love the body drop slides that will drop you into a spiraling bowl, teenagers will love the colorful slides and kids will love their kids water park where they can splash all day long. You’ll also enjoy the unlimited snack bar with hot dogs and burgers and the open bar that serves cold Piña Coladas. 

The island also offers SeaTrek and Snuba for those wanting to try something new! 


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