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Aruba is more than just white sandy beaches and wonderful people! There is so much more to discover on the happy island. Here are the top 10 bucket list items you NEED to add to your list when coming to Aruba! We promise this will make your vacation complete! 

  1. De Palm Island Aruba – an island oasis like no other!

This day trip includes a five-minute ferry ride to an all-inclusive destination filled with activities and relaxation. The price for De Palm Island is $115 per adult and $89 for kids and buys you an all you can eat buffet and grill, unlimited open bar with tropical drinks, banana boat rides, a kids aqua play, huge waterpark with a must-try body drop slide and picture ready pink Flamingos! 

You’ll enjoy snorkeling with the fishes in the crystal clear waters at De Palm Island. But, for those wanting to go beyond snorkeling, De Palm Island offers an upgraded experience called SNUBA, which is a mix between scuba diving and snorkeling. With SNUBA you’ll dive 10 to 20 feet below the surface for an incredible up close view of marine life. 

a group of people on a beach near a body of water

You can also upgrade your experience with Sea Trek, another underwater experience. With Sea Trek underwater helmet walk you’ll wear a 72-pound helmet as you walk on a custom walkway surrounded by swarming fishes. 

That’s not all, you can also opt to upgrade your De Palm Island experience with a private cabana, massages, Henna tattoos, or a Beach Cabanas and much much more. 


2. Touch the Antilla Shipwreck 

Snorkeling near a shipwreck? You know you’ll definitely find us there! The SS Antilla is one of the largest shipwrecks in the Caribbean. This ship was built back in 1939 in Germany and served as a supply ship when Germany invaded the Netherlands. An explosion, caused by the captain, caused the boat to sink and it now rests between 40-60 feet deep in Aruba’s sea.

Snorkeling at de palm island aruba


Nowadays, snorkelers can easily visit, observe, swim and even touch the shipwreck. The is one of Aruba’s best attractions as it offers amazing views, and a colorful marine life due to the coral colonies and tubes that settled on the wreck. Keep an eye out for the many fishes and turtles you’ll see!

3. Caves

If you didn’t know, Aruba has a few mysterious caves you’ll learn a lot from. The best two to visit are the Guadiriki Cave and Fontein Cave.

The Guadiriki Cave is known for its two chambers that are illuminated by the sunlight that stream through holes in the roof of the cave (perfect instagrammable moment btw!). This stretches out to about 100 feet and you might even see some bats.

The Fontein Cave is the most popular one as it’s the only cave that has the drawings from previous residents called Arawak Indians. You’ll see these paintings all over the cave and tour guides can explain a bit more of the tall tales and stories of these legends. 

a person sitting on a rock


4. Baby Beach

Let’s just say, this is our favorite beach and we know it’s going to be (or already is) your favorite. 

Baby Beach is located at the southern part of the island (literally the other side of where you might be staying), which gives it an edge. I’m sure you are wondering why? Well, due to the fact that it’s far from the tourist area, the beach is normally quiet, the scenery is breathtaking and you can easily spot a variety of marine life, including turtles, which you won’t see at other famous beaches! 

This beach has free public beach huts and palapas all over the island, so you’ll surely be covered from the sun.

5. Catch sunsets on Palm Pleasure Sunset Sail

Imagine sailing through the Caribbean, drinking amazing local cocktails, snacking on local flavors and watching the sun say it’s goodbyes. Sounds good right? Aruba hosts one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see from wherever you are.Daymon Patterson et al. sitting on a benchOh, but we must say, catching sunset on a boat is an experience like no other.


6. Take a dip in Aruba’s Natural Pool

The Natural Pool or Conchi as locals call it, is a secluded natural pool created by rocks. This is one of our favorite spots on the island, however not easily reachable! To get here, you can either hike through the hiking trail in Arikok or you can go with a 4 x 4 vehicle which is an adventure by itself.


To get to the Natural pool you will have to go through the desert terrain of Aruba where you’ll find cacti, aloe plants and even see a few animals on the way. A guided tour is the best and easiest way to get to Conchi as the trail there can be very rocky.

Once you get to the Natural Pool you’ll see that all the adventure was worth it! This secluded treasure is beautiful to say the least. You will find a pool of colorful fishes, you can jump from a mini cliff into the natural pool and just enjoy all the beauty around this pool. Don’t forget your camera, you can take very nice pictures right here! 

7. Take a dive with Atlantis Submarines Aruba 

For those that are looking for something different to do, this may be something for you. The Atlantis Submarines will take you to the depths of 130 feet below the surface to a famous reef, the Barcadera Reef and will take you to several shipwrecks in the area. 

What makes this activity a must-do is the fact that you can explore the underwater world without getting wet. Also, you’ll get to join the 1% of the population around the world that has been in a real submarine. Sounds like a win-win to us! 

The submarine is U.S. Coast guard approved and is fully air-conditioned, so you can sit comfortably while you explore all that the Caribbean sea has to offer. 

8. Sea Trek – an underwater experience like no other!

This underwater adventure will allow you to walk the seafloor, 30 feet underwater to be exact.

The Sea Trek is available at De Palm Island. A short ferry ride will take you straight to the island where you will meet with your instructors, receive your safety instructions where you also learn how to decompress so you don’t get sick from the increased pressure. a bird swimming in water

After this, you are ready to go! The instructors will put on a large helmet with a connected air hose and off you descending to 30 feet below the surface. Don’t worry you won’t even realize you are walking in that depth as you’ll see a world of colorful fishes, a jeep and much more. 

The instructors will take plenty of pictures that you can purchase after your underwater experience. 


9. Take a picture at Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge is one of Aruba’s most popular attractions as it is a bridge that was formed by coral limestones cut out by pounding waves and strong winds. It truly is a natural wonder! 

This spot is great for pictures, especially early in the mornings where the sun has just risen. 

10. Snorkel Spot – Boca Catalina

The beautiful Boca Catalina is a great place to swim and snorkel. You can snorkel right off the beach or you can join a Sail and Snorkel cruise that will take you to this spot, which we must say is way more fun! Boca Catalina’s waters are known to be clear and shallow and hosts a variety of fishes and turtles right off the shore.

This site is considered one of the best sights to snorkel in Aruba as the fishes there seem to be accustomed to people around and even come close to you to eat out of your hand. 

You can take a snorkel cruise that will take you to Boca Catalina and other snorkel spots such as the Antilla Shipwreck for a complete day of snorkel fun!

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