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De Palm Tours is thrilled to highlight the impactful contributions made by its internal foundation, “The Giving Palm,” towards fostering sustainability, philanthropy, and community support. Since the foundation’s inception, it has played a pivotal role in efficiently supporting various community initiatives.

student planting mangroves at de palm island

Students of the University of Aruba and the University of South Carolina planting mangroves on De Palm Island.

“The Giving Palm” was established with a vision to enhance our community outreach, emphasizing sustainability, charitable giving, volunteerism, and overall community well-being. Through concerted efforts, we have seen a positive transformation in the areas we serve.

In the year 2023 alone, “The Giving Palm” proudly supported over 75 different organizations, exemplifying our commitment to making a meaningful difference. This support, totaling AWG. 125K, included both cash donations and in-kind contributions.

Highlight of 2023 Donations:

de palm tours sponsor uniform for aruban team, the giving palm

  • Cleaning Natural Bridge: “The Giving Palm” took a hands-on approach to environmental care by participating in the cleaning of Natural Bridge, contributing to ocean conservation.
  • Ocean Conservation: Regular monthly underwater cleaning initiatives in collaboration with SCUBBLE BUBBLES/CLA/TGP.
  • Micky’s Foundation: Donated airlift tickets from Amsterdam to Aruba (2-way) to support children’s causes.
  • Various Children’s Organizations: Contributions included tickets for Seaworld Explorer, De Palm Island, Atlantis Submarines, Palm Pleasure, and cash donations to support children’s well-being.
  • Cultural Support: Donations ranged from cash amounts to bus transportation, raffle items, and crew T-shirts for cultural events and organizations.

De Palm Tours is committed to expanding “The Giving Palm,” with plans for increased support to local organizations, eco-friendly projects, and fostering community well-being. As a leader in responsible tourism in Aruba, the company focuses its community giving on children, animals, oceans, and culture, emphasizing school enhancement, student support, animal welfare, ocean conservation, and Aruban arts.

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