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Discover the essence of De Palm Tours as we unveil our mission, vision, values, and strategic objectives. Gain a deeper understanding of our core principles and future aspirations, guiding our journey towards unparalleled excellence in the tourism industry.

Our mission
At the heart of our mission is the fundamental belief that every interaction, be it with our customers or our team members, is an opportunity to spread happiness. By adopting a customer-centric approach, maintaining a positive attitude, and ensuring quality at every step, we aim to make our mantra “Your Happiness is our Mission”┬áresonate in everything we do. Through continuous improvement, effective communication, and a commitment to understanding and meeting the diverse needs of those we serve, we strive to create an environment where happiness is not just an outcome, but a continuous journey.

Our vision
We are creating amazing experiences for all in the nicest possible way.

Company’s values
Our values are established by using a PRISM format. A prism is a transparent, three-dimensional geometric shape with flat surfaces, typically two parallel bases and rectangular sides connecting them. When light enters a prism, it bends or refracts, revealing its component colors like a rainbow. Commonly a triangular piece of glass, prisms spread white light into beautiful displays of color, making them valuable in science and art. They’re used in physics to study light properties and in photography for effects like lens flares and rainbows, showcasing the wonders of the visible spectrum.

  • Passion: a powerful drive that fuels our enthusiasm, dedication, and commitment to excellence in all we do.
  • Respect: valuing diversity, fostering inclusivity, and treating all individuals with fairness, understanding and dignity.
  • Innovation: the relentless pursuit of creative ideas, methods, and solutions that drive progress and ensure our continued growth and success.
  • Service: The dedication to exceeding expectations, fulfilling needs, and creating positive experiences, fulfilling needs, and creating positive experiences for our customers, team and community.
  • Mutuality: a culture of support for each other, our community and our environment.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Sustainability: At De Palm, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s integral to our identity. Our Environmental & Social Sustainability Charter, available online, outlines our holistic approach. This year, we obtained the Earth Check Gold Certification, making us the only certified tour operator on the island. Sustainability is a frequent topic in discussions with our partners and stakeholders. Through initiatives like The Giving Palm, we’ve donated over AFL 100K to local organizations. Our commitment extends to expanding recycling efforts, cleaning the Natural Bridge, adding solar to De Palm Island, and building a coral reef education center. Our quest doesn’t stop at maintaining standards; we aim for the Earth Check platinum designation.
  2. Diversification: Diversification is our next frontier. We’re exploring opportunities beyond our current offerings, including acquisitions, new service lines, and regional expansion. While some opportunities didn’t fit, exciting developments are in progress. Stay tuned for updates and be ready to leverage our strengths for new opportunities.
  3. Digitalization: Welcome to the age of Digitalization! Our newly launched Intranet reflects our commitment to digital transition. From maintenance software to AI adoption, we’re modernizing operations. Platforms like Revinate deepen customer connections, enhancing their De Palm experience. As we continue, every team member will experience the digital transformation differently, ensuring a modernized business.
  4. Culture: Rooted in tradition, De Palm is founded on family values. Our work is fueled by passion and respect, fostering a diverse and inclusive community. We embrace innovation, leading with calculated risks and customer-centric approaches. Our success stems from exceeding expectations and creating positive experiences. Our culture is one of mutual support for each other, our community, and the environment. This vision guides us towards a united purpose.
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